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By now everyone must be clear with the Taylor Swift- Kanye West rant. To all those unknown to the situation, Kanye’s most recent album titled ‘Famous’ surprisingly had a shot at Swift while she was up to receiving her award at the stage. Taylor claimed the same, but West’s wife Kim Kardashian called Swift out with a video in which West is seen calling the singer to get her approval while he was working for the track. The music video basically shows a track ‘Famous’ with nude wax figures of Taylor Swift and many other celebrities along with the leading lady but it probably didn’t help in the matter.

With all the gaga over the issue enters Amber rose who has recently launched her show on VH1 with her deemed efforts to continue her profession rather than getting into dating stuffs. Now when Rose is here to present her perspective she clearly points out that while she was dating Kanye, he was pointed out to be the victim and in his stage rush he is surely not referring it to Swift.

Her much talking is seriously a surprise for many because as of a starter whether the act was intentional or not but the reference seemed to be for Taylor because she was the one winning the award. Rose aimlessly keeps talking about the issue pointing West is blameless and it’s all about taking her ex’s side over the bubbly issue